Amazon has info/pics of new book

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The Tales of Beedle the Bard looks so cool!  I hope someone gets permission to print more copies.

Thank you!

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I just wanted to say thank you to Laura for setting this up. It was great fun and a fantastic idea. I’d never have been organised enough to read them all without it! Thanks Laura!


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Hi all. Now that we’re done reading all of the Harry Potter books, and it’s been ages since anyone’s posted here, and I just deleted 233 spam messages that have come in in the last couple of weeks, I’m shutting down commenting on this board. Posting will still work. If anyone posts here I’ll turn commenting back on for as long as it seems appropriate.

Thank you all for participating in this read along. It was fun!


Rowling provides some answers

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Someone posted this on my stitching board, and I just copied and pasted it here. Don’t have the original link. Sorry. Due to the nature of it, click the More link to get to the interview, and read the spoilers. Don’t click the link or read the comments if you haven’t finished the books and are avoiding spoilers.

during a live webchat with Scholastic/Bloomsbury on July 30 J.K. Rowling answer A LOT of questions (over 12 pages worth!). So, here it all is!

some of the questions are cut off but that’s how i found them i didn’t edit them.

Hope this answers some of the questions we all may have had and for those who haven’t finished the book

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I blew through it and loved every minute, even the ones that made me cry.  I’m going to read it again when my UK edition arrives.  In the meantime, I might just go ahead and go though all of them again – or at least the last 2.

So many questions answered.

JKR is a genius.  She wove so much throughout all the books that was essential.  I have no idea how she kept it all straight.

Now I can go to sleep happy.

Not the end for JK Rowling!

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There’s a story on the Leaky Cauldron. JK is going to write Hogwarts: A History! Well, sort of. Not right yet but sometime and it’ll fill in some of the stories she had to chop out and give us a bit more info to add to the epilogue! Yay!

And some added info – Arthur Weasley nearly got the chop in book 5. Phew! Glad he got a reprieve!

Are you ready for a discussion yet?

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This post contains spoilers, so don’t read further if you haven’t finished the book yet!


Well, what did you think? What did you like or dislike? What was answered and what questions do you still have?

Me? Well I thought it was great. It got off to a fast start and I was horribly shocked by Hedwig and Moody so early on. (More by Hedwig I’m sorry to say!) I knew there would be deaths but that was only page 69! It left me with a whole sense that anyone could die now any time.

The bit at the Weasleys was a nice change of pace and then we were off again into a fight straight away. It made it a real rollercoaster. Ron leaving was a shock but the coming back was great. A good way to find out more about what was going on elsewhere. I’m glad he got to destroy the horcrux too.

I love the idea of the Deathly Hallows and wizarding fairy tales. Glad Luna had a good role too. Dobby was a real shock and so sad. And I thought the Wormtail bit was excellent. He would have killed Harry I think but that split second was appropriate and just like Voldemort to curse that hand. Brilliant.

The Gringotts bit was maybe too easy but I’ll let that pass. It should have been impossible.

And then the battle. Well that was amazing. I wasn’t sure if Harry would make it or not until the end really. I’m SO pleased Neville had a role and I’m SO pleased there weren’t too many more deaths. The chapter where Harry goes to meet his death was incredibly moving.

I knew Snape was good – hooray! But again appropriate that he dies. It was great to get all that explained and see more about Petunia too.

And I liked the epilogue. I’m glad it was there. If it hadn’t been I’d have been very frustrated.

I still have questions. What was the veil in book 5? What did they do after? Did they go back to school to do their NEWTs? Did Harry become an auror? Did Harry ever tell Neville about the prophecy? Did he ever see the Dursleys again? And I read somewhere that one of the things we knew would happen in book 7 was that someone would do magic for the first time late in life. Did I miss it? Who was it?

I’ll be reading it again and I think it was a great ending to an amazing series of books. Well done JK!